Armen Babakhanyan & Jivan Gasparyan Jr. Perform in the Cafesjian Classical Music Series

Armen Babakhanyan & Jivan Gasparyan Jr. Perform in the Cafesjian Classical Music Series

A unique duo of piano and duduk was presented at the Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Cafesjian Classical Music Series. Armen Babakhanyan and young duduk pla…



shak starks says:

Bravo Jivan…

Harvey Freitas says:

What are those sweeping notes called how the notes bend ? On 11:54 ?

geesmaildk says:

this is outstanding duduk playing !!! And thank you for the upload of a
great concert.And in Yerevan, there must be a very proud grandfather,
watching and hearing, what a bless this is . I only miss a little info on
the 2 other dudukplayers, they really also play an important role, and the
match of the 3 duduks sound and playing is splendid. Warmest regards Steen
/ Denmark

aNuka CheXeRia says:

pravdo chto bojestvenno :*

Miroslav Píbil says:


Мариша Шабунина says:

сказать красиво, ничего не сказать. Божественно!

Selva Joulakian says:

beautifulllll very touching. FLAWLESS…

Puklej chleba says:

performance of beauty…

Cristiano Neto says:

Thank you ! OnE Love from Portugal!

Bakenfalter says:

Amazing – the sound of Jivan’s duduk moves me deeply and reminds me of our
awesome journey through Armenia last year. As an overwhelming finale we had
the luck to see Jivan along with his fabulous grandfather in a gorgeous
concert in the opera of Yerevan. Thank you so much, Jivan! Hope to see you
again soon, Regina

Vernon Jenewein says:

You’re right Steen!! Some extrordinary playing. Well done Jivan and all !!!
BRAVO!! I especially like the rendition of Dle Yeman. – Vernon

Orchydee64 says:

thank you very much for sharing with us this wonderful performance ! just
wonderful 🙂

Bayside NY says:


Meltem Tunar says:


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