Bach – Double Violin Concerto in D minor 2nd movement, Largo

Bach – Double Violin Concerto in D minor 2nd movement, Largo

Title : Johann Sebastian Bach, Double Violin Concerto in D minor (2nd movement, Largo Ma Non Tanto (BWV 1043) From Wikipedia , The Concerto for Two Violins i…



Andris D. says:

Wonderful !! Good evening and good night ? ! ? !!

BenChanViolin says:

If you’re learning this piece, I posted a video tutorial for 2nd violin and
my friend the Online Piano and Violin Tutor posted one for 1st violin.
We’re going to be posting our YouTube collab performance in the next day or
two. I hope we can help you learn this great piece of music!

Nick C. says:

This is one of the most beautiful things Bach has ever created. 

Javier de Mairena says:

*Bach – Double Violin Concerto in D minor 2nd movement, Largo*

#classicalmusic #musiceveryday #bach 

Trevor Brass says:

One of the most relaxing classical pieces I’ve listened to.

iona sohorca says:

this and ombra mai fu , Handel..resembles….too much…someone did inspire
by other,s…

Ejaz Haris says:

Lovely music

Aurelane Abit says:

Who play this music?

Paul-Octave Hébert says:

When Mother France was battling England for the world, Germany was busy
singing the songs of Europe and she gave us Bach. Bach…proof that the
creation of the universe was not a total failure. ;)

Zoe Geralexi says:

Find the light in big November’s nights…

meredith chiko says:

Feels like i’m floating, with this kind of composition. And its rhythm
cradles me with unique and pure gentleness that carries me into a
different dimension, where peace is only known.

emilija janka says:


Sess Mejia says:


Lucy Faciantio says:

I heard that this is relaxing…. i disagree, there is so much emotions! 

John Rodriguez says:

Chemistry final in 1.5 hours. Thank you, Bach. I needed this.

Matthew J Bonneau says:

This is the most beautiful pieces of violin music I have ever had the
privilege of learning to play many years ago. Dont know who played this,
but it is excellent. I must relearn it, if I can find the time.

Daniel Wong says:

This piece was played while waiting for a wedding to start earlier today.
Glad to listen to it here again

Henry Orjuela says:


IsabellaMaria Bordoni says:

just another good start into the new day / week. :)

John Drummond says:

Can’t actually listen to this with a dry eye!

String Tickler says:

Found myself shaking my head in amazement several separate times during
this piece. It includes every soul-stirring and euphoric emotion known to
mankind. Simply beautiful 

albert einstein says:


Angélica Nadie says:


Andrew Ross says:

I just love the second movement of concerto for two violins of Bach.

Mauricio Juarez says:

how to find mp3 or dc’s specifically Baroque at 60 bpm or how to identify



Poul Bang Nielsen says:

Relax and enjoy. As good as meditation and easy.

safaa el-sayes says:

just wOw

Oya Şanlı says:


Nury Guzman says:

a deep love story

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