Classical music Top 10

Classical music Top 10

Stunning classical music by famous composers.



Marwan Yousri says:

what is the version of Bach-Adagio is this? answer please

hammy915 says:

Good list, thanks for sharing

slimes23 says:

@iLLmaticV3 or Liszt?

Franz Ferdinand says:

This was an okay list but not great.

Sa Abdlwahd says:

I don’t like this edited version of nocturne op 9 .it sucks

Lyndybop says:

Umm, is it just me, or does it sound like a few of them have been done on
sibelus or something!!?!?


Still better than Soulja Boy

merlin Green says:

this is what i call a music!

AwesomeParody says:

2:03 PEGGLE!

Laura Olivares says:

No me gustan las versiones que pusiste en este video..mas si las
piezas..buen trabajo xD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karam J says:

nice collection

brg1208 says:

Moonlight sonata sounds diffrent it is a remix i can tell

kwallyvis says:

good job

lu mc says:

si son buenas piezas 😉

Wade Wilson says:

@comod8 todavia hay pero esto es pues la base i de lo mejor de musica
clasica son clasicos de musica estilo clasica .. todavia hay como los
musicos de opera etc etc hay mucha musica de esta pero aveces es dificil
encontrarla jeje

Mohammed Hussain says:

Greig 3

legoboylt says:


finnlax says:

This is the most satisfying Top10 -list I have found in the YouTube. Quite
close to my own favourites, too.

jamjarstudios1 says:

Cool. Thanks for great upload

picar0s says:

Nice list, thanks for sharing, I really like the guitar version of
Moonlight Sonata. Rest is just beautifull.

psilkakos says:


iLLmaticV3 says:

Really good list!

henrypam312 says:

is it just me? or does it sound like it repeats??? …….. this guy is a
little crap…… (no offence) = sowy dude

henrypam312 says:

-99999999999 stars…….. its just tooo crap..

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