Great Classical Music Composers, part 1

Great Classical Music Composers, part 1

First of a 15-part series featuring excerpts from music by the greatest composers of classical music. The original keonepax series featured 7 parts and 4 “en…



Joshua Aguilar says:

By the way, I have remembered parts 1-3 of ur keonepax channel.

BaroqueMusicOnly says:

whare did you find this verson of canon by pachelbel?

paxukulele says:

@Leonorita17 Thanks, Leonora! “Adagio” will appear later in the series!

paxukulele says:

Hello! Yes, please do so. I’d like to see this series used for educational

Laurence James says:

love these series John Laurence

Rawa Reza says:

jee, I meant Bach. interesting stuff !! thank you.

dahur says:

Classical music, and music of the sixties. It doesn’t get any better.

Dante Morales says:

My favorite selection of classical music; very good job. Best regards from
Monterrey Mexico

paxukulele says:

Part 3 is still up there. Here’s the code if you can’t find it: hkt1KL8OW50
I’m currently working on Part 13. I finished the audio but have to get the
visual part done!

paxukulele says:

@MoammedSceab86 Thank you, Moammed!

godriczimmerman says:

Thank’s a lot!! I appreciate it.

paxukulele says:

@MysterySparkStudios Unfortunately, my previous keonepax channel was
suspended due to copyright issues related to my ukulele covers (one of the
complaints was about “Winter Wonderland”!) and a compilation of excerpts
from oldies, and all my videos went with the channel. Anyway, this gives me
a chance to re-do the classical music series and hopefully improve it.

paxukulele says:

It was included in the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach and was attibuted
to Bach until the 1970s when it was identified as a piece from a
harpsichord suite by Dresden organist Christian Petzold.

Văn Lễ Nguyễn says:

VIvaldi and Bach are the masters of masters

baptiste030 says:

Ok, i asked this because in France i can’t see te part 3 . But anyway,
thanks for the good job !

Abdirahman Omar says:

so soothing… I just go to another world when I listen to classical music.
Its like an escape from the world, where my mind explores the joy of
euphoria like no other. Thank You Once, and thank you a million!!

paxukulele says:

@colectormen Thank you!

paxukulele says:

@Fagapperd14 Thanks, Rafael! Will do!

Joel Rodríguez says:

I really appreciate all the job you’ve done with these videos. They have
meant so much to me.

Leonorita17 says:

Love the old video,miss the Adagio….Thanks so much for your wonderful
work !!!!!Sharing it with my dearest friends;;;Leonora

Meme Warrior says:

@paxukulele what happened to your previous channel why is the video gone?

tram0011 says:

i love spring the four seasons and Cantana No. 147

Dylan R. N. says:

Ah… I love Pac’s Canon in D. I wish I could play classicals on the uke.
Thanks for sharing these John… and I like the trumpet voluntary too. Heck
there’s so many I like. Cantana, my favourite! Wait… there Sleepers Wake!
Wow! Very good collection John.

paxukulele says:

It was included in the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach and was attributed
to Bach until the 1970s when it was identified as a piece from a
harpsichord suite by Dresden organist Christian Petzold.

paxukulele says:

@arnoldxonpu : )

Rawa Reza says:

1:48 isn’t it Beethoven’s minuet in G m? why Christian Petzold?

paxukulele says:

I love that Corelli piece, too!

cutiepies2234 says:

Wow What a Great Video

Thecomposerrahsa says:

Music Bach number 1 in my heart

paxukulele says:

Thank you! This came off an old RCA CD, but the version in Disney’s
“Fantasia” is also orchestrated.

MrScarhand18 says:

GOOSEBUMBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :,)

paxukulele says:

@BaroqueMusicOnly My apologies… i don’t have that information.

paxukulele says:

@devilshomie Yes, it’s probably the same for many people, but there’s so
much beautiful music in this genre. I hope to make more people aware of
this great music through this series! Thanks for watching!

Ujjwal Shrestha says:

great video……….

mescallynx says:

I love the piece by Arcangelo Corelli. So beautiful. I can’t seem to find
it though. Are you sure it’s called “Suite for Strings?”

LawnBowlerUK says:

Toccata and fugue was actually written by a different composer, but no one
knows who.

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