Kickass Classical Top 10

Kickass Classical Top 10

Get the album ‘100 Kickass Classical Pieces’ iTunes: Amazon: Discover 300 years of music in 20 minutes. The Kick…



asc50314 says:

I know what is the No.1 when I was a kid!

ziomalesek1223 says:


Jami Black says:

If compositors know that their songs will be uploaded top ten kickass on
you tube they will cancel this classic music ))) hahahha hej man this is
classic not hip hop or R n B to kickass. )) Bethowen kickass Mozart on top
ten youtube with five difference )) ) zuahahahhahahhaha

ThisMightBeMe says:

Old cartoons were great. They exposed children to music they might not hear
otherwise, and that is a perfectly good thing. There is no shame in
admitting that you weren’t brought to the opera or symphony as a child, and
got most of your exposure to great music in other ways.

Mich Ael says:

and therefore i cannot find any Q_Q

Varoonmg says:

@kickassclassical I’m a bit disappointed that neither Peter Gynt’s Morning
Song nor Chostakovitch’s Fly of a Bumble Bee is in the top Ten list… But
Good Work…:)

MegaKahnefan9 says:


Nikolas Maes says:

thats centuries of music bashing your ears right here 😀 im starting to
love the concept :p to bad you couldnt hear this RIP granddaddy

WatchOutBR says:

oh my god! O.O made my day

KyleTheArchitect says:

88 people without musical taste watched this video

purpleoctober24 says:

@deathroman13 yeah im 14 and when i do my homework i like listening to
classical music 🙂

jetibest says:

Yep you are, not for your musical preference, but for making such a comment.

Autumnkelley123 says:

@Autumnkelley123 No there all Fasinating!

ToyStoryVids11496 says:

I love all these songs, and have known the melody of all of these tunes
since I was a very young child. I never knew the names untill now, thank
you so much!!!!! I remember number 7 from SpongeBob lol

Damien Weaver says:

Number 8 sounds like The Omen

deathroman13 says:

@Thefoli123 I have never watched Simpsons before in my life. I don’t like

Kickass Classical says:

Hey so… we just made an album ‘100 Kickass Classical Pieces.’ Hope you
enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed putting it together. It’s 9
hours of classical music for less than $9. (Links above in the
description.) Thanks for supporting classical music!

Lutescu Tudor says:

these songs made movies famous and not vice-versa

kate21700 says:

Love this

NalgaPipiCola says:

Bugs Bunny introduced me to all these songs when I was kid! I miss the old
bugs bunny cartoons, I know they werent politically correct but they where
funny as hell. I still love these songs

Mike Proletarian says:

Speaking of A Clockwork Orange, search for “Funeral March of Queen Mary” by
Henry Purcell – written in 1695.

Aykut Turgut says:

Thanks man these are awesome !

BillyTheFunny69 says:

Number 4. Dracula, Luigi’s Mansion. Ring any bells?

Dean Lemcke-Evans says:

no that means your an individual

Rejectedcardboard says:

Just because there amazing dosen’t make them classic!

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